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Shortly about me

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Bach, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Scriabin, Rachmaninov... Those tunes began to sound in my head during my earliest childhood, as I grew up in a family of professional pianists. Nowadays I can still play by heart the first "serious" pieces I learnt, almost without having to practice. Somehow they are always there... Throughout my concert career, I performed some of those pieces hundreds of times and they are still the most beloved works in my repertory. 

I had the luck of studying with wonderful, top class musicians in four different countries. Those experiences made me discover again and again the music, myself and myself in music. Learning some of the most amazing works like the Gaspard de la Nuit by Ravel, the Sonata in b minor by Liszt, the second piano Concerto by Prokofiev, the sixth Partita by Bach, the Sonata in B flat by Schubert, the Hammerklavier Sonata by Beethoven and sharing feelings and thoughts with the audience in many concert halls and cities... Nothing could have been more enriching. All this, the knowledge acquired through many years of hard work is the most valuable prize I have ever won. The greatest wins do not only come in a form of a medal. Quoting Saint-Exupéry: "What is essential is invisible to the eye". 

Nowadays I live in Barcelona, I perform solo and with orchestras as much as I can, I share my ideas with my students at the Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceo, I organize the Marbella International Music Competition and the Piano Masterclass Series and sometimes I even get a moment to sit back to compose a few lines...

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Video sample

From G. Thymis International Piano Competition in Thessaloniki

(January 2015)

A. Ginastera Sonata Op. 22

Some pictures

Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto n. 1
Ravel Piano Concerto in G
Beautiful Belvedere
Chopin Piano Concerto in e minor
With jury colleagues
An amazing Steinway...
Bostik Scenario
some time ago in Jaén...

A (very) little about

Marbella International Music Festival

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In 2013, I started working on an idea which has been going around my mind already many years. Having joined myself many competitions and festivals, including masterclasses and summer academies, I had always thought about how to improve the events, what was working and what was not. Sometimes it was the organization, sometimes a not enough satisfactory offer, the quality of the pianos, difficult to reach or little interesting locations. Since I have always wanted to organize a festival myself, I started thinking seriously about putting together all the great elements I experienced. A festival combining world's top professors, a dream location on the seaside and a comfortable offer for the participants. Having lived in the past in this beautiful town, I created the Marbella International Music Festival, which includes the Marbella International Music Competition and the yearly Piano Masterclass Series. My organization team and me, forming the Davidov Music Association, we work all the year long to make this go on. We really enjoy this extremely complex and exhausting job and are very proud of its international relevance in the fields of culture and music education. If you got interested and would like to know some details about it, feel free to visit the official website:



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